Mason Mysteries

the symbols on the dollar bill have always been involved, right from the beginning, even along side Pacal and perhaps he is the biggest Mason of them all... so in light of this and while I kind of wanted to avoid the direct talk about Mason, as it has a direct relation to the foundations and the founding fathers of the United States...but it must be a detailed part of what I include then.

First and foremost... a review of The Times and then shortly to point out, that Obama's birthday has been reported to be August 4th, 1961 and they picked that date, specifically... "time to step up"

13 squares
and an Easter Egg
hidden atop where
steps there lay
" the cornerstone "
a wedge displays

August 4th, 1961

OB... April 8, 2012 will be Easter this year...

So while in question is the President's birthday, it clearly shows this on the charts I've created, so ... is he Mason then (for lack of better words)... is the birthday real and while I know he is president number 44, I'd like to know where the leading eight are... because there are always 52 of them.

The Founding Fathers... should all step up ...
" I've got your cornerstone " ... and you know it's true.



I'm not sure why I'm saying this but here it is then...

Just shortly after Venus transits in June of 2012, there will be contact of some nature...
Near August and then into September, this will happen.

So we should prepare the mind.



an end
to the end

it came when
we weren't looking
and came again
and again
to a place
near begin
it was there
where days seen
are the means to be
something as nothing
having substance within

apocalyptic are the stories
two end.

come again as
not the question
are the quest we're on
and stop to listen
are the mission
given long

as a
in poem
rhyme songs
of times there go
delivers to hear show
through which of a switch
type knowledge starts flow
of messages within
charts channel
hearts desire

the fires of struggle

" what doesn't burn you "
only leaves you fine
yet the mind must
to be more

the invention....
an imagination's core

didn't miss the concept
of a door ;)

"so to slide is a good thing "



learn the ABCs!
my favorite start...

the bacab....
are not 'wind' like breezy

they are winds like how many times they go around...
" testla "

and they go just like that...
okay!!! let's build something!


;DJoser said "we have these 'ears"
6726 ... I was specific and still am.

"the in between"
" kiss "
2036 "the year in question" X twenty four from here

I am... 636 years