why 2013... also

everyone was so focused on the end date that they probably forgot there's a begin date right after it.

so the traditional translation says that the beginning date of The Mayan Long Count is August 13, 3114

It's also been written by some that the begin date was August 11, 3113

remember that The Long Count is dated to 'end' December 21, 2012 and that date is 5125 years in the Mayan Cycle... so take that year number

5125 and subtract
3113 easily we get the 'begin' year of the Mayan Long Count cycle.

remember the pyramid on the $1.00 bill?

MD L VI = 1556
CC XX = 220

WELL.... 1556 x 2 = 3112 plus 2013 = 5125

perhaps this is the 'beginning' of a beautiful understanding.... called, the 'next' cycle. ;)

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